Do you want more LEADS and SALES online? 
Now you can get one-on-one help with your online business - without the high fees!
  • If you don’t want to spend HOURS and THOUSANDS of dollars on out-of-date, boring, lame-content courses...
  • ​If you're totally sick of reading all the latest marketing blogs... 
  • ​Or if you're disappointed in those free downloads that promise the latest and greatest fix to “supercharge” your online presence... 
Then stop wasting time trying to figure things out yourself and read on my friend...
We’ve all been there… 🙄😂🤯
You’ve put together the right offer, you’ve boosted a post to show it to more people. Nailed that ad copy. Found the perfect image... but then, things JUST AREN’T WORKING how you thought they would.

Maybe you are hearing crickets and wonder if you've even set it up correctly.
Maybe your costs are spiralling out of control.
Maybe your sales have slowed down or stalled completely.

Or... maybe you don't even know how to create an online offer or where to start!

But that's ok... it's all about to change.
I'm Deb, and I have been in the online marketing world for over 15 years... I've seen many businesses start small and blow up to be extremely successful and I've seen many crash and burn. 

If you want that success you dream of, then wasting your time grabbing freebies or Googling just ain't gonna cut it... neither will an online course. You know it, and I know it. 

You need support. You need accountability. You need personal feedback. You need like-minded friends who are on the same path as you. 

You need someone who will help you - every step of the way.

I created Clicks to Customers so you can have that support - and right now, you can get in for less than a cup of coffee a day!

This membership means you get affordable access to an online growth specialist and top Facebook Ad strategist.  You no longer have to blow your entire marketing budget on hiring a consultant or worry about expensive and outdated courses... 


"Since joining Deb’s mastermind group, not only have I now got a better understanding of how to run FB ads, I’m actually making money instead of lining Facebook’s pockets! I can’t recommend the mastermind enough and I’m super happy to be part of this group!"


        "This mastermind group is fabulous! The support is always spot on, you NEVER feel like you are asking too much and I always get the help and advice I need. If there is something that pops up often from the group, Deb will do a tutorial or lesson on that subject. It is well worth the investment and I am so glad I found Deb and this amazing group!"

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER for just $47 per month!
** Just 20 10 Spots Available at This Crazy-Low Price! **
$47 USD Every Month. No obligation. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
Clicks to Customers is basically access to your own online growth specialist without the cost and headache of hiring a consultant!
Here's What You Get When You Join: 
  • Access to the Private Facebook group - surround yourself with a supportive community of people on the same journey as you.
  • Access to our suite of Facebook Ad calculators.
  • ‘Hot Topic’ Call - every 2 weeks you will extend your knowledge with bite-size calls and workshops on a topic of the moment.
  • ​Weekly ad reviews - submit your campaigns you need help with and we’ll give you feedback and show you where the issues or the leaks might be.
  • All The Latest Trainings - get access to the latest mini course ("How to 10x Your Facebook Ads - For Under $5-a-Day!") and other trainings in the membership area.
  • Need Feedback? We’re here to give you feedback on your messaging, landing pages, ads, and website… pretty much - anything! 
  • Questions Answered - if you are stuck on anything AT ALL, post it in the group and we’ll get your questions answered.
Get access to a private Facebook group that...
  • ​Gives you help with your online strategy, social media, and whatever else you're doing to grow your business online.
  • ​Has live training calls twice a month on hot topics - chat bots, video strategy, Instagram, mindset and so much more! 
  • ​​Has weekly ad reviews to help you with your campaigns and sales funnels.
  • ​Gives personalised feedback on your campaigns - we’ll take a look at your copy, imagery, targeting, and objectives.
  • ​Lets you ask questions without feeling like a total noob (we are a humble group - no “dumb” questions here!).
Who Is This Community For? 
  • ​Those that believe being online can help them but don't know where to start.
  • ​Small businesses that want to grow their online presence but feel overwhelmed doing it. 
  • ​Entrepreneurs and small business owners and their employees - whether new or advanced.
  • Someone who has tried to "boost" an occasional post with no results.
  • ​Business owners that need ongoing support for their employees running their social media.
  • ​Those who feel comfortable with ads, but want to get better results. 
  • ​Those that are prepared to put in the time and effort to get the results.
Whether you run ads constantly or just every so often, you will get value out of this group! 

We're a no-intimidation-zone. We are a humble group and we are here to help you - no matter the stage of your Facebook ad learning experience.
The Investment: 
Become a FOUNDING MEMBER for just $47 per month!
** Just 20 10 Spots Available at This Crazy-Low Price! **
$47 USD Every Month. No obligation. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
Who Am I?
I am the owner of Malone Digital Marketing (based in Dannevirke, New Zealand) and considered an industry leader in Facebook advertising and marketing strategy. I am among the top 1% of Facebook Ad Specialists in the World having been trained by those who work at Facebook. I bring a deep knowledge of design, funnel strategy, and am the master of knowing all of the “hacks” no one else knows.

Having managed seven figures in ad spend with many internationally known notable clients, I consistently get an average of 400% to 2200% return on investment for my clients. With a background in web design and development, I have a tech background that gives me a special edge. I am obsessed with crafting the perfect sales funnel and designing gorgeous landing page. 

I love coaching business owners through marketing strategy, business automation, and tech woes. 
$47 USD Every Month. No obligation. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
What Clients Say...
"In a brand new business and market, we generated over $50,000 from the leads that came through the ads!"
"I am so impressed with Deb Malone and her skill set when it comes to Facebook Advertising. In just a few months, in a brand new business and market, we generated over $50,000 from the leads that came through the ads that she created. In addition, I have worked with many Facebook advertising experts over the years, and she has by far helped us to achieve the lowest lead cost I've ever experienced. She is so lovely to work with, and stay up to date on the newest market trends when it comes to Facebook ads, and - most importantly - SHE GETS RESULTS! She is my "go-to" Facebook team and I recommend her every time someone asks me who I'm working with for Facebook Ads!"
"We had a goal to get 500 members, but after a one week of open cart, we ended up exceeding that and getting 982 members!" 
"Deb Malone was one of our greatest assets during our recent launch of our online membership. We had a goal to get 500 members, but after a one week of open cart, we ended up exceeding that and getting 982 members! She had huge insight on how to make the most of the launch, giving us advice and reporting back throughout the time. Adapting as results came in to make sure that we were getting the best results for our dollar! I would recommend Deb Malone to any company who wants to truly take advantage of what Facebook Advertising can offer."
"Deb has blown my expectations on Facebook ads! I'm getting 5x more leads than I was doing it myself and my retention rate on those that opt-in is crazy awesome. I'd highly recommend Deb when it comes to Facebook ads!"
$47 USD Every Month. No obligation. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
Want to see REAL Facebook ad results? See case studies below:
Building a Clients Email List For Under a Dollar Per Email!
This campaign for a client has been running for a while now - we monitored it closely, scaled it slowly and it's now fully optimised bringing in COLD leads for under a dollar!  Legend!
Making Sales and Getting Results - a 22x ROI
Recently we smashed out an open cart campaign for a client, selling a $247 services.  From this we got a 22x ROAS (return on ad spend).  Take a look: 
Videos - That Cost HALF a cent Per View!
These results below are from videos we are running - as you can see, where it says $0.00, that means it's costing us LESS than a cent per view! 

(I can see on my mobile that it's actually $0.004 - so just under half a cent! lol) Take a look: 
More Email List Building - from .30c per email!
While these are very niched clients, results like this are rare. However, here's just a couple of what we're getting for clients... 
Product Sales From Retargeting
While we were list building for a client, we set up some retargeting to sell one of her products that was on sale for $27, and you can see the results of that campaign here: 
This is another client, we spent just over $7k on ads for their online course, which gave a return of $47k - that's 600% return on investment: 
Facebook Marketing - Paid For!
So, when we list build... are these just random people we're collecting emails from?

Not at all. The key is to make sure it's your IDEAL CUSTOMER that you're getting from those leads... not just random people who won't care about what you do. How do we know these are QUALITY leads? Well, let us show you.... 

With this particular customer, over the 4 weeks they had started working with us, they doubled their database and had their Facebook ads paid for along the way (so "technically", that's FREE list-building). And because their Facebook Ads were paid for along the way, we were definitely targeting their ideal customer: 
Ready to take the next step and join us in the Clicks to Customers Mastermind?
Become a FOUNDING MEMBER for just $47 per month
 $47 per month
$47 USD Every Month. No obligation. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
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